A partnership commitment to create a consistent national approach to ensuring our work environments are safe, healthy, respectful and free from violence and abuse has been supported by Public Health Scotland (PHS).

Police Scotland’s ‘Not part of the job’ National Assault Pledge aims to reduce the impact of violence and to improve the safety of police officers, as well as staff in emergency service and front line public service organisations across Scotland.

PHS attended a launch event at Police Scotland headquarters in Tulliallan yesterday (15 November) to endorse the pledge, and bring additional focus to the message that the safety of police officers and public service workers matters.

Chief Executive of PHS Angela Leitch said:

"PHS continues to work with Police Scotland to improve the safety and wellbeing of our people, places and communities. As valuable partners in working towards better health outcomes for people in Scotland, police officers can only safeguard vulnerable people if they are kept safe themselves and their mental health is protected.

"So, together with Police Scotland and other national partners we believe that it’s #NotPartOfTheJob for any colleague in a front line response or emergency role to have to experience abuse, insults or threats. Not only is it harmful to valued colleagues, it prevents public service staff from carrying out their essential work."

Read more about the Police Scotland National Assault Pledge [external website].

Last updated: 17 November 2022